Arabian Nights: Why A Sailing Holiday Really Is Unbeatable

In the day, the sun reigned down upon us all, although it was winter. Never a breeze did we feel, as Sinai’s steadfast land mass protected us from less gentle waters. The days melted together in a haze of sleep, food, sun and shelter. In a dream-like state we floated from port to port, taking in the wondrous sights that there were to behold in the mysterious cavern that is the Red Sea.

Sailing around the Red Sea in a luxury yacht was by far the best holiday experience I have ever had. Am I a celebrity or a multi-millionaire? Sadly, the answer to that question is no, not by a long shot. I simply took advantage of the fantastic deals offered to me by my holiday club. CLC World Resorts offers a holiday club whereby members can enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious holidays. Joining the club gives you access to resorts which are varied in atmosphere and appearance, but unique in the top class service you receive.

CLC Yacht Club is the most recent addition to the CLC family. The yacht club offers holidays on board a 60 foot catamaran, staffed by two experienced crew members. You will enjoy exquisite cabins, delicious food cooked by the crew and sights beyond your wildest dreams. In the Red Sea, for example, we could see down far below the surface to watch brightly coloured angel fish and parrotfish swim by. Scuba diving was a thrilling experience when we dived down to discover the remains of a shipwreck from long ago. Swimming in the sea meant taking full advantage of the high salt content, and floating in the hot sun was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

There’s just something wild and exciting about being on board a yacht. You feel freer than on land, as you are constantly moving from place to place. You can either go on a week-long beach holiday, or spend the equivalent amount of time visiting lots of different places and learning about the world and about yourself. If you feel like doing nothing, you can simply lie on deck and read a book. More active types can gain hands-on experience of learning how to sail, or can swim to their heart’s content.

It’s not only the Red Sea that the CLC Yacht Club sail to. Naples, Montenegro and Sicily are all destinations on offer. Take in the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine, the rugged landscapes of the Adriatic coast and the history of an ancient civilisation that dominates the Italian landscape. Wherever you travel, you will be assured of a wonderful experience, whether you’re exploring an island, wind-surfing off the back of a yacht, or simply chilling out in a hammock. You won’t have to worry about cooking, as crew members make all the arrangements for you. A sailing holiday is simply a chance to relax and unwind in the most idyllic of settings.

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