An Overview Of The Grampians National Park

The Grampians National Park, commonly called The Grampians, is located in the state of Victoria in Australia. Perhaps most notable about the park are the sandstone mountain ranges. The city was named as a cultural and historic landmark due to its striking beauty and irreplaceable natural resources. Grampians National Park tours run through the park year round, drawing thousands of tourists to the region.


Due to the sandstone mountain ranges, rock climbers have long been attracted to the park’s many features. Along with the rock climbing, the wildflowers are very popular for tourists.

The Grampians Wave, as it is called by gliders, is a set of peculiar air conditions that allow gliders to reach heights of eight thousand five hundred metres (twenty-eight thousand feet). This occurs when strong winds from the west blow at right angles to the mountain ridge creating a sustained wave.

At one thousand one hundred and sixty-seven metres, Mount William is the highest peak in the park.


The park is listed on the National Heritage of Australia due to its status as one of the largest ancient rock art sites.

Every first weekend in May, the Grampians Grape Escape is held. The festival is Australia’s longest running food and wine festival.


Tours of the park tend to occur at various times throughout the year, many of them occuring during the summer to coincide with the Grampians Grape Escape. Some tours leave from Melbourne and others from Adelaide.

The park is about two hundred and fifty kilometres (one hundred and fifty miles) from Melbourne, Victoria. Adelaide, South Australia is about four hundred and fifty kilometres (three hundred miles) from the national park.

Most tours of the park occur along the Great Ocean Road, a two hundred and forty-three kilometre (one hundred fifty-one mile) road along the south eastern coast of Australia. Built in honour of soldiers lost during World War I, the Great Ocean Road is the world’s largest war memorial. The road was built by soldiers who had served in World War I.

These tours tend to include walks and hikes through the scenic terrain alongside the Great Ocean Road and the nearby Great Ocean Walk. A three-day tour usually involves hiking along the road, visiting with wildlife, and soaking in the sites along the affectionately named Surf Coast.

Kennett River Koalas is one of the popular attractions along the road. The site features, as the name implies, a preserve of koalas. Also, along the way are stunning rock formations such as Bay of Martyrs, London Bridge and Loch Ard Gorge.

Throughout the national park, wildlife such as koalas and wallabies come out to explore just before sunset. This is a wonderful time to be in the park.


Travel to the park is surprisingly inexpensive considering all of the amazing sites and experiences. For companies that offer tours, some three-day tours start as low as AUD $425. Some longer packages cost a little more, but they are all well worth the price to see these wondrous sites.