Renting A Campervan In Australia: Basic Tips For First-Time Travellers

Australia is a gorgeous country that is a paradise for those who enjoy backpacking or going on long road trips. The varied landscape, the friendly people, and the distinctive culture of the country have made it a very popular destination for adventure enthusiasts and general tourists alike. The influx of tourists and road travellers in the country has led to a boom in the local car rental industry, and there are many new companies which have begun to offer rental options for people looking to go on a road trip through Australia. Competition in any industry is healthy, and this has also proven to be the case for the car rental industry in Australia. However, there is always a chance for first-time travellers to make mistakes when renting a car or a campervan, so here are some basic tips designed exclusively for first-time travellers.

Start Planning Several Weeks Beforehand

Going on a road trip is not easy; you will be travelling for long hours out of your comfort zone, and it is generally difficult for people to adapt to new landscapes. You might have to go days without showering, and a lot of moving around will also be required. Therefore, the last thing that you want is to experience unplanned delays when you are on the road. You should start planning for the entire road trip at least a couple of weeks before your departure date.

The first thing that you should do, especially if you are travelling with a group of people, is to sit everybody down and decide on the trip route. Usually, most road trips begin in major cities such as Perth, Sydney, or Melbourne. You can decide where you want to travel and get opinions from other travellers about the route. The internet is your best source of information for researching major landmarks and places that you want to see along the way, as well as for getting a better idea of which travel routes are the best.

Rent Your Campervan

Campervans are generally the preferred choice of most travellers, primarily because they are fuel-efficient, offer enough space for a small group, and most importantly, are easy to manage. Campervans are also quite affordable to rent, with many companies currently offering campervan hire in Australia. You don’t have to visit the country first and then rent your campervan, as this could take quite a long while and could lead to delays on your road trip. Instead, you can simply make a rental online through one of the many different companies that currently offer car and campervan rental services.

Most of these companies have their own private websites that you can visit to get estimates for the cost of the rental. Keep a float of at least two days when making the rental, to ensure that unforeseen delays are accounted for. Once you have made the rental and paid the advance, all you have to do when you land is visit the company’s garage and take possession of the van.

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