Could An Empty Leg Flight Make Your Dream Trip Possible?

If you love to travel but live on a budget, you are probably used to braving crowded airports and suffering in cramped spaces with dozens of other passengers to fly to your destination. Flying private may be a dream of yours, but is probably out of your vacation price range. Fortunately, empty-leg flights can make this dream possible for far less money than you may imagine.

How Do Empty Legs Work?

Empty-leg flights occur when a passenger books a one-way trip to a destination and the plane must return to its home airport. Unlike booking your own private jet charter flight, you will have to fly from the passenger’s destination to wherever the private jet is already going. If you are open to this or can work your plans to fit with this flight, you may be able to book it for just a bit more than a commercial flight, especially if you bring friends and split the cost with a few people.

Check the Listings Available

Many private jet charter companies list their empty-leg flights as they come up. It makes sense for jet charter companies to do this, as they make money off of booking out empty-leg flights when they would not have made any money on the return trip. By checking the listings regularly, you may be able to find a flight that perfectly fits a dream trip of yours.

Keep Your Options Flexible

If you look through empty-leg flights with one specific trip in mind, you may never find what you are looking for. If you keep your destination options flexible, however, you are much more likely to come across a flight that is going to a destination you would like to visit. If you wouldn’t mind going to where the jet charter agency is located, you may also be better off. For example, many jet charter agencies are located in Miami, so you may be more likely to find a private jet charter going to Miami.

Enjoy the Accommodations

Once you have found and booked your empty-leg flight, you can relax and enjoy your dream vacation. Empty-leg flights offer the same amenities as private jet charter flights, so you can lounge out in the luxurious interior, sample the food and champagne that usually comes complimentary, and really enjoy yourself. If your trip is long, you may even be able to recline the seat and take a nap.

Visit your local private jet charter agency’s website today to see if you can take advantage of an empty-leg flight and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

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