Exploring The City Of Agra Beyond The Taj Mahal

Famous for its rich history and ‘symbol of love’ Taj Mahal, Agra is a city that has many more places that are overlooked. Consisting of unique architecture, Agra houses some of the finest examples of architecture in India. From the beautiful Ram Bagh to the marvellous Panch Mahal and Jama Masjid, Agra is truly much more than just for its Taj Mahal. If you are from Faridabad and craving for a history oriented weekend getaway then Agra is the ideal place for you. Just book your Faridabad to Agra train and get ready to experience history at its full glory.

  1. Ram Bagh: Originally called as Aram Bagh, it was named Ram Bagh under the Marathas, when they possessed Agra from 1775 to 1803 AD The principal mention of this greenery enclosure site as the Bagh-Nur-Afshan drove a few history specialists to trust that this name had been gotten from a greenhouse in Kabul. The patio nursery was in great upkeep under Jahangir as affirmed by Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri. It gets extra backing from the canvases and epigraphical conformations found in a portion of the remaining structures of this patio nursery. Goliath dividers encase the greenhouse with corner towers delegated by pillared structures.
  2. Birbal Bhavan: A little memorable castle which was the official home of Raja Birbal who was Emperor Akbar’s most loved subject. This exquisite structure worked in the Mughal engineering style mixes certain Persian characteristics. Arranged inside a huge plain region encasing brilliant greenery enclosures and lavish yards, this reduced palatial landmark is appealing and eye-getting. It is however questionable whether Birbal Bhawan was worked by Emperor Akbar for Raja Birbal, or on the off chance that he had manufactured it himself.
  3. Lower Haramsara: An intriguing complex of structures brightened with both outdoor and indoor carvings. In the past it was local location of cleaning specialist workers of Harem.The Lower Haramsara is arranged in the legacy city of Fatehpur Sikri, arranged around 40 km from Agra. Manufactured neighboring the Palace of Jodha Bai and inverse Birbal’s House, Lower Haramsara contains an enormous rectangular patio which is encased on three sides by colonnaded structures. The entire structure is made of red sandstone and has perplexing themes and carvings on the inside and outside. The segments have excellent sections which have an amalgamation of Indian and Islamic outlines. A portion of the structures lead into littler rooms.
  4. Jama Masjid: The name alludes to the fundamental mosque of a town, city or town, and is generally the spot of social occasion for Eid petitions and Friday supplications. These are some of the time called Congregational mosques or Friday mosques. The working with its rectangular open forecourt has no minarets yet its sandstone arches have a striking marble designing.
  5. Agra Fort: Agra Fort worked in red sandstone, it is the one of the well known sights of Agra other than Taj Mahal. The semi round post was begun by Akbar in 1565, and finished in 1574. The Agra Fort is open for guests from dawn to dusk. The excellence of this inward quadrangle is its fine extents and rich ornamentation, improved by the great musical play of light and shadow, delivered by the section type of development and the honorable air of the entryways, windows, openings, and corridors. The northern side of the quadrangle is possessed by a pillared corridor.
  6. Panch Mahal: Panch Mahal has five structures, each of which is associated with the following floor by a flight of red stone stairs. The structure on the ground floor has 84 sections supporting the floor above. As one trips up the Panch Mahal, the span of the structures gets to be littler and the quantity of columns supporting the upper floor diminishes in number. The second structure has 56 columns, the third story has twenty and the fourth floor has twelve.

Not only these there are many more good structures in Agra that are worth your time. Book your tickets on the Faridabad to Agra train now and get ready to have awesome time in the ‘Mughal Capital’.

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