Learn To Fly: What To Know

Eager to exist among the birds and leave all your troubles and worries on the ground? Then getting a private pilot’s license may be exactly what you have been searching for. With a private pilot’s license you are able to own, operate, and fly an aircraft on your own accord, as long as you do not break any of the rules and regulations set upon you.

The first thing you need to do is make a trip to the nearest airport to you that houses a flight school. These schools will give you an orientation flight, where the pilot will take you up and expose you to all the feelings and compilations that flying a plane brings upon the pilot. If you are still determined to learn how to pilot your own plane, the next step is to obtain your Student Pilot License.

To get this license you need to be at least 16 years of age, and in optimal health. Knowing the English language is also necessary, as your teachings in the class and in the air will be in English. Once you pass a required medical check (usually around $80), then you are able to begin your classroom and practical training. After all of your teaching, training and logging, you will have spent around $5,000 to obtain this license.

The ground class training will last around 5 weeks, during which time you will learn all the parts of a plane, flying regulations, radio communications, weather readouts, navigation, etc. These are vital areas to understand if you wish to remain safe in the sky while piloting your plane. Air training begins after passing the classroom tests. You will have to log around 50-70 hours of flying time with your instructor. These lessons go over emergency procedures, general aviation procedures and plane tolerances. You will need to understand you plane inside and out before moving on to the final part of obtaining your license, taking the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written and flying test.

Once you successfully complete the FAA flying and written test then you are finished! Congratulations! You are now a certified pilot and free to soar among the eagles. Be sure to follow the regulations, such as only flying in good weather (you can take courses for night flying however). Always remember to thoroughly check the operation of your plane before taking off.

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