How Expensive Is Rome Actually

The beautiful city of Rome should be on anyone’s to-visit list. If you plan to go to Rome, you should make a checklist with things to do and what to visit, but you should also do a research regarding the prices, to see what budget you should have for your holiday.

First of all, things what means of transportation you will take from the airport. For €5 a ticket you can take the bus which will get you to the center of the city, but if you want a faster and more comfortable option, which will get you to your destination, you can take the taxi. You should be aware, though. There is a flat rate of €30 set by the city from the Ciampino airport to Rome and €40 from the Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci airport. This price includes all the passengers in the vehicle with all their bags.

Unfortunately, there are many taxi drivers, official ones, who will try to rip you off. The writing on the cabs says €30 to the center of Rome within the Aurelian walls of the city. As a tourist, you do not know exactly what this means, and the taxi driver will charge you more saying that your destination is not within this area. You can end up paying €40 or even €50 for a ride which should have cost €30. When it comes to Rome airport transfer, you’d better ask before you get into the cab what the price will be and if you get another quote than the one written on the cab, look for another one or take a bus.

Hotels around and in the center of the city are quite expensive, but you can find more affordable ones near the Termini train station or choose among the variety of hostels. Prices for the main attractions are reasonable, and many are free.

When it comes to food and drinks you should avoid the places in the touristic areas. These are more expensive than their local counterparts. Aim for the local trattorias instead of the upscale ristorante. If you want to pay a reasonable price for your meal get away from the tourist districts and look for restaurants where the locals are eating. Each restaurant has a menu outside so you can also check the prices before you go inside. You can also eat sandwiches or pizza by the slice which don’t cost that much or try the fresh outdoor markets for a snack.

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