What Am I Allowed To Do When Renting A Car?

Renting a car is a necessity for many people who are traveling or who simply need a vehicle to go to work when their own is broken and needs repairing. It is easy to rent a car. Whether you choose to go to the car rental company’s desk or rent online from airportscarhire.com.

There are some things that you are allowed to do and should do before renting a car. All companies will try to convince you that you should also buy the insurance they are offering, but many people forget to check if they need to purchase that. You are allowed to call your credit card company and check if they provide coverage for car rentals. Also, your personal car insurance might cover the collision damage and personal liability.

Before you sign the paper, make sure you also read the small print. It is there where all the extra costs are mentioned. Also, carefully inspect the car and note down any damages you see. You are allowed to take pictures or film the car. This way you will have the possibility to prove that you returned the car is the same condition it was when you rent it.

You are allowed to refuse the GPS or the child seat if you do not need them. They are expensive so make sure you use the app on your smartphone to get around and bring your child seat.

You should also ask about all the hidden costs that they avoid to tell you until the last moment. You should know about early or late return fees, fuel charges, airport surcharges, energy recovery fee, vehicle licensing fee, mileage fees, out-of-state charges, additional driver fees or equipment rental fees.

Make sure you carefully read the company’s policy and know your rights ahead of time. This could save you a lot of trouble and also avoid being tricked into paying more money than you should. Unfortunately, there are many companies which try to make money by tricking their customers.

Before you rent a car, do a thorough research and read some reviews of former customers. This way you will know if the company is trustworthy or not. Also, you should shop around for the best deal for you. Make sure you book the car you need in advance, especially in the busy times of the year.

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