Budgeting For Your Turks & Caicos Holiday – Making Your Money Go Further

While it’s probably safe to say that luxurious Turks & Caicos holidays are never going to come particularly cheap, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune in order to have an amazing time. Like most places across the Caribbean, the majority of budgets are catered for and so it’s a simple case of knowing what you can afford, what you want, and what you can do without if necessary. Whether it’s cheaper to book a package deal or put together a DIY will depend on a variety of factors, which is why it’s important to consider all options before going ahead and making a reservation.

So, with all of the above in mind, here’s a quiet guide to budgeting for your Turks & Caicos holiday with a few tips on making your money go as far as possible:


More often than not, the most expensive element of the trip as a whole will be the flights – especially if booking during peak season. Because of this, it’s hugely important to take a look at both the prices of flights you can book yourself and those on offer via travel agents, just to see where the best deals can be found. In addition, if you can be flexible with the dates you go or are willing to take an indirect flight through another country, you stand to make huge savings. Of course, the best advice of all is to travel to Turks & Caicos outside the peak season, if your budget is restricted.


There’s something to suit pretty much every budget across the board in Turks & Caicos so it’s largely up to you how glamorous or otherwise you’d prefer to go. For example, if you’re planning to do little other than sleep in your accommodation and therefore need little more than a roof over your head, you’ll find rooms for no more than $50 – often even less. If on the other hand, you’re out to while away the days in the lap of pure luxury, you could easily blow $500 or more. Like with booking the flights, it’s a great idea to check the prices on offer via travel agents but also to speak to the resorts/hotels directly as there may be some brilliant special offers on for those booking directly. And again, the time of your travel will make a difference too.

Food and Drinks

Technically speaking this is part of your budget you’ll have the most control over, but is at the same time an element that can quickly add up. If, for example, you’d like to dine on street food, low-cost snacks, and DIY meals shopped from local stores and markets, you’ll rarely spend more than $5 per meal. By contrast, the more fine-dining of options on the table will set you back as much as you could ever wish to spend – $50 per plate and upward.


Getting around usually isn’t much of a problem as chances are if you’re staying in Grace Bay, for example, you really won’t want to move too far away at all. However, if you do plan to move around at any time it’s a good idea to be proactive. Taxis for example cost about $2 per mile, though you should be sure to agree on the price before setting off. $15 per day will get you a good quality bicycle to go exploring on, with motor-scooters starting from about $30 per day without fuel. Cars and motorbikes aren’t cheap to rent at the best of times, with prices ranging from about $80 per day right up to $500 per day if you’re after something extravagant.


Where possible, avoid the larger and more established chain-type stores you’ll see selling overpriced souvenirs which were probably made in China. For something more rustic and authentic, look for craft stalls around the local markets and some of the better street sellers.

Tipping and Taxes

Last but not least, always be sure to find out ahead of time whether or not the prices you are quoted are inclusive of tax. For example, hotel tax is set at 10% and this will almost always be added to the quote you’re given, though in some cases is added on as a nasty surprise at the end. Tipping is also considered standard when tipping in bars, restaurants, and the like, but again it’s crucial to look at whether or not this 15% has already been added to your bill, as sometimes it is.