Choosing Your Holiday Home

The best day to start planning your summer holiday is now, so in case you don’t already know where to spend your vacation this year, you’d better start looking for pitch-perfect destinations and transport deals ASAP. Depending on your budget, climate preferences and vacationing styles, you can book your summer arrangement on a tropical Thai island or sun-kissed Mediterranean coast, or drop the seaside altogether and spend your holiday up in a cozy mountain cottage in the Alps with stunning views of the surrounding lakes and marvelous landscapes. Here, we bring you the three top tourist destinations for 2015, so take a quick look and pick the one that fits your bill best.

Koh Samui: Vacationing in style royale 

Located off the Thai mainland in the Chumphon Archipelago, Koh Samui is a perfect exotic destination for your 2015 summer. On Thailand’s second-largest island, you’ll be able to taste all the Thai delights to the fullest and engage in a number of adrenaline-pumping water sports like diving, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. A must for any tourist visiting Koh Samui, the traditional cuisine and massage treatments available on the island will leave you thoroughly refreshed and replenished and probably eager for more Thailand wonders. The prices of food and accommodation on Koh Samui range from the highly affordable to extremely expensive, and if your travel budget is on a slightly more generous side, we suggest you book a villa in the prestigious Samujana neighborhood and enjoy your stay on the island in style royale. Before you start packing your bags, we recommend you compare the villas yourself and find the one that suits your accommodation preferences best.

Dubrovnik: Taste the Croatian coast at its best 

Any Game of Thrones fan will certainly appreciate a chance to visit the famous sites of natural beauty in King’s Landing, or Dubrovnik as we know it in real life. A city with rich cultural and historical heritage that made it to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, Dubrovnik has won its place among most popular tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast several years ago, and for a good reason too: with its mild climate, friendly locals, sites of natural beauty and numerous cultural attractions, this Dalmatian city offers you the best holiday experience ever. During your stay, we suggest you try some traditional Dalmatian wines, go fishing with the locals and take a walk by the breathtaking Walls of Dubrovnik; or, if you prefer culture to adrenaline, stroll down the Old City and visit some of the wonderful city cathedrals and churches. A place where culture, art and history meet, Dubrovnik is truly a must-see for any avid traveler looking to expand their horizons, so you should definitely check it out if you’re in the mood to spend your 2015 holiday on the Mediterranean coast. 

The Swiss Alps: Get away from the tourist crowds 

In case you’re not overly eager to spend your summer holiday elbowing your way through tourist crowds, you may as well drop the idea of a seaside vacation and book a cottage up in the Swiss Alps. A perfect destination for lovers of sports and recreation like rock climbing, hiking, biking, fishing and mountaineering, the Swiss Alps take pride in a number of lakes and forests where you can practice your favorite sports, meditate or go sightseeing without having to put up with large crowds of tourists at your heels. Although best-known for the winter resorts and snow sport programs, the Swiss Alps are also a good place to spend your summer and put on some top-notch suntan. Take a scenic train ride across the mountainside or join a guided tour to the Matterhorn; rent a bike and explore the area on your own; try fishing in one of the beautiful natural lakes or take a hiking day trip to the nearby village and experience the ways of the locals. A great place to relax and top up your batteries, the Swiss Alps may just be everything you’re looking for in a summer holiday destination this year.

From exotic islands and sandy coastlines to sunny mountaintops and windy peaks, the world is truly your oyster this year. Go the Thai way, taste the Mediterranean or find your secluded spot in the Alps – whichever way you turn, the wonders of the world will be at your feet, so don’t put off your 2015 summer arrangements for too long. Pick your 2015 holiday home ASAP and avoid peak tourist seasons: after all, you only live once so you’d better make most of your time, especially during a summer holiday.