5 Reasons Why Travel Is Important For Your Business

Already dozens of clients we are satisfied that travel contributes to the success of a number of key business areas, and corporate trips complement both integral parts of everyday business and holidays. Dr. Stephen Covey on long-standing research concluded that to make it work and leisure effective balance of people reach their goals much easier, less time and with less effort. Moreover, this applies to both personal as well as business objectives.

In this article, learn how trips can be useful for your company:

organizing the management work;
maintaining employee motivation and loyalty to your company;
implementing staff training;
promoting the attainment of sales objectives;
creating and maintaining relationships with business partners.

First reason. Travel opens up more opportunities to learn, enjoy, feel, and see

Business managers rarely permits to go on vacation to be longer than two weeks. Research has shown that drivers Latvian and abroad not all at once they leave due to time, but usually divides it into smaller parts – a few days at Christmas, one week in the summer. There can be various reasons, but The Wall Street Journal, analysts also point out that the long run it is not good to work in recovering prevent fresh look at things and creativity.

Business traveler with atpūtuMums is a solution that allows you to combine his duties, and relevant to their interests, a good rest, – the addition of holiday travel program or part of the holiday. Even seemingly mundane trip to one of the nearby European countries, provides great opportunities to learn new things, starting with the local cuisine traditions and history inquiries for up to a concert, sports game or a spa visit. Conversely, if the expected distance of travel to some of the places where you have never been, take the opportunity to spend a holiday destination a few days longer than they should be working to address alone. Even more so – consider the opportunity to go on this trip with people you are close and enjoy a romantic vacation away from the everyday.

Our customers who regularly travel for business at least once and had completed work trip with a holiday program claims to be ready to leave for Next Year parts used in exactly this way.

Corporate travel management arrange a meeting outside the office using the benefits of communication and creative issues provide an informal atmosphere We highly recommend to use this option if you are working in the largest enterprise, which under the leadership of representatives of other States – invite their foreign colleagues worldwide and Delight them with a balance between work and rest.

We offer a business center with recreational facilities appropriate for each season: skiing and golf, Opera, or riding a great complement to your meeting with colleagues, emotionally enriching business contacts.

Second reason. Journey to the motivation or reward

HR management professionals and business executives know that the staff are happy to travel for business and welcomes their jobs responsiveness whenever employees are given the opportunity to linger in the travel destination, the possibilities offered by the tour. In addition, a well-experienced travelers know that travel expenses tend to decrease significantly when one of the lines is planned to go on holiday. Mission trip of the important task entrusted to the employee becomes a reward and a wonderful trip for work.

This really is the place to recall the truth that employees are satisfied with the working conditions and motivation means that the company’s range devote more energy to work and spend longer in the organization of productive working years.

Experts who are familiar with the personnel management problems and their solutions are not fatigued yet, over and over again to remind business leaders: Give time to mark progress and share them with the company’s employees – this will encourage a lot more about the failure of negotiating the weekly meetings.

Joint trip is a wonderful opportunity to feel the collective team spirit, enjoying the corporate travel homelike atmosphere and carefully-planned program. Our customers are very popular with day-trips here in Latvia, but also requires a specially compiled their collective travel routes distant and exotic places.

If your company has a choir, orchestra or sports team, take the opportunity to commend the staff, which enhances the company’s leisure popularity and good reputation – so a trip to the races, concerts or training camp, certifying staff that their efforts are valued not only in the stadium or on the stage, but also company.

Let the journey preparing care does not fall on the shoulders of employees. Our tour manager will take care of it, so all that is required for athletes or artists, to their horror at its best: transport, accommodation, catering and travel travel destination – it’s all our supply lines.

3rd reason. Training will definitely drive mastering mind much better

Motivated to work properly trained and committed workforce is every company’s most expensive resources.

Team unification ceļojumsDarbinieku training is an integral part of human resource management, and certainly makes the trip a joint training of the special and memorable: since the time when employees learn about the expected journey, they then prepare carefully – it’s what they expect from the training seminar outing, both valuable knowledge and uniting the team challenges and opportunities to see this unseen places and enjoy the comfort and get to know your colleagues in situations which are not likely to experience working atmosphere.

When you are outside the usual working environment by unlocking the creative potential is reduced unforeseen impediments impact on the learning process, knowledge can be learned and memorized better. Enterprises where staff training is organized in the form of trips, the staff indicated that they had a much better use of the knowledge gained in practice than it was when the training seminars held in full neatraujoties from work everyday.

4th reason. Business trip definitely will help to complete a better deal with potential partners or customers

Conclusion of a new cooperation agreement, employees often have to go outside the company to meet potential clients in person. These trips are more than trips and discussions about the nuances of the contract goods or services and warranty cost. Negotiations on the terms of the contract will be more fruitful and negotiators make decisions about initiating cooperation, benefit from all the opportunities provided by each, together with the customer to spend an hour.

Visit with clients from your industry represented in exhibitions or fairs, to present him with industry news, fashion trends and innovative solutions, and that there’s help him make sure that your approach to the benefits.

Business pusdienasPārdošanas experts claim that many customers prefer to buy new equipment and technology solutions, if they have a chance to look at them operate under realistic conditions. Therefore, if possible, Take your client to see another satisfied customer – the recommendation provided by an independent product or service to the user, is a strong argument that dispels doubts before making decisions. And when will fulfill your travel business part, in any event, expertly using his free time with the customer according to his or her interests: a delicious meal in a fine restaurant, gorgeous boat trip or theater visit – you know your customers and definitely will be able, to make him pleasant moments, which will be the best investment for future relations with him.

5th reason. The opportunity to combine the pleasant with the useful

A company’s partners range is quite wide, and each of them wants to get the attention and evaluation. Build your relationships with customers and suppliers on the basis of positive emotions through the corporate travel opportunities offered! Customer and supplier surveys have shown that partners an extremely high score for entertainment that they offer thanksgiving for a successful partnership. Good examples can be found just around the corner. We are confident that you can be useful to our previous experience of corporate and leisure travel entertainment organization that recognized both by our customers and their partners. Choose according to the budget allocated and the season: a luxurious palace ball, rally attendance, the evening casino on a cruise ship – can have everything is just …

Your company owners, employees and partners will appreciate the level of service you will be provided when you choose to go directly prepared by our corporate travelers. Wherever you may want to go on tour manager not only will make all necessary preparations for your trip, preparing your preferences and options appropriate travel program, but will also be your personal assistant throughout the journey. Even the uninhabited island can be safe that any situation that involves travel changes, organizational issues and problems, you are given the opportunity to solve everything with one’s help.