Reasons I Love Partying In Magaluf

This summer, five of my girlfriends and I will be headed to the party island of Majorca to spend two weeks partying in Magaluf. This will be the third year in a row that we’ll be letting our hair down and making the best of our summer holidays; we’re all at university now so it is brilliant to meet up together for our annual trip to make some pretty special (and funny) memories. We all take care of each other whilst we’re away so our parents don’t worry too much if they don’t hear from us for a few days. Anyway, if you’re looking to go clubbing in Europe this summer, consider Magaluf; here’s why I love it…

Dressing up

I’ll admit it from the start, I’m a girly girl. But then again so are all my mates. We spend hours getting ready for a night out, all trying to hog the mirror for ourselves. We agonize over which heels look the best with what dresses, and whether what we’re wearing is perhaps slightly too revealing. This year I’ve found a fab range of petite dresses with peplum detailing which I’m looking forward to wearing, and probably sharing with my girls!


I love a good dance, and you’re free to do this at will when you’re in Magaluf. There are decent tunes on wherever you go on the strip, and if we’re staying in for a while we’ll pretty much start our own party in our hotel room. You’ll probably end up making friends with people staying near you; we always seem to invite people around to ours to hang out before the evening properly kicks off. I always bring along a pair of well-worn in heels to bring out with me so I don’t get too many blisters.

Amazing DJs

When you do make it out, you need to head to the big clubs. In Magaluf, there is one club which dominates all of the rest: BCM Planet Dance. You can buy tickets for the night’s events in the daytime to make sure you get your hands on them before they sell out. This year there are some great DJs playing such as Calvin Harris, Axwell and DJ Sammy, so there should be something to suit your tastes.

Excuse to relax

Finally, there is an excellent beach in Magaluf which I spend many hours on during the day. Okay we usually don’t get out of bed until midday but after our full English breakfast, we stay down on the beach until dusk. There are plenty of places to get drinks and refreshments, and enough shops nearby if you get bored of doing nothing – it’s pretty hard though when you’re lapping up the sunshine.

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